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Club Inferno Dungeon Video – Fist freaks

For this club inferno dungeon video we have a couple of guys cleverly named fist freaks. Just like their nick names imply these two guys enjoy taking some deep anal fistings and they never seem to be happy if they don’t get one. You’ll get a very nice view of just why they’re called that as you will be impressed. To demonstrate the clubinfernodungeon thing today one of them takes his place in the doggie style position.

And once he does so, his partner lubes up his hand all nicely to prepare. At first he finger fucks the guy’s ass a gradually introducing more and more fingers until he has all of his hand up the dude’s butt hole. And he continues to go deeper and deeper until he reaches his elbow. Watch this extreme anal fisting session with the guys this time and enjoy.

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Club Inferno Dungeon Videos – Hole busters

This fine day we bring you another set of club inferno dungeon videos that are meant to serve your enjoyment today. We aptly named this one the hole busters as these two studs employ the help of some really big toys to please one another’s asses. You just have to go and see them fucking for this gay porn video. You’ll be simply amazed at one of the dude’s capabilities to take a big toy up the ass.

So without any more delays go to and see a dude take a ass fucking from a big dildo today. You can bet he enjoys it, otherwise he wouldn’t be featured here. We can only hope that we’ll have him again soon as he’s surely going to impress you as well. As for us, we’re taking our leave and leaving this with you guys. Be sure to check the past updates as well. You’ll have what to see don’t worry. For more videos like this, check out the chaosmen site and see some hot gay guys getting their asses penetrated!

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Angelo fucks Trenton Ducati

Another fresh and sizzling hot week and time for one more club inferno dungeon videos update. Today we bring you another random pairing formed of Angelo and Trenton Ducati. Angelo was featured in some more of our past updates so you can imagine that every gallery with this stud turns to gold as soon as he appears on screen. Trenton here is a raw recruit to our crew so we actually paired him with Angelo to show him the ropes and break in his ass to the regular hard style clubinfernodungeon anal sessions that he’ll have every week. So let’s see just how Angelo plans on training this new man slut to be a good guy and take a nice fucking.

Sure enough Angelo takes out his trusty dildo. Now as you know Angelo does pack a might cock but he’s still no match in a ass stretching for his toy. Trenton takes his spot on the bed and lifts his legs up as Angelo slowly slides that big toy inside his ass slowly starting to fuck him. Enjoy this club inferno dungeon gay sex update as Angelo fucks Trenton’s ass harder and harder while he’s also sucking on his now rock hard cock. As you know we aimed to bring you the best and greatest gay porn content in all of our galleries and we say that we kept our end of the deal. All that’s left for you to to now is watch them and enjoy. See you next week, but until then visit and enjoy watching other muscled men fucking each other’s tight asses! Enjoy!


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Club Inferno Dungeon – The horny doctor

Today’s club inferno dungeon gay porn gallery has another visit to the doctor. Oh and the horny doc has his work cut out for him. The burly stud that walked in his office today turned out to be quite the little man slut on the inside. But not to worry the good doctor always has a remedy, even for the cock hungry and horny studs that stumble in to his office by chance every now and then. The guy told him his problem. He appeared for a prostate exam but what he really wanted was to have a hand shoed up his ass. Let’s see how the visit went.

And the dock was more than happy to comply with his request today. Without further due, sit back, relax and watch this update as some hard style fisting is about to go down, like the kinky gay daddies do on, after watching this scene you will be simply delighted! The patient bends over to show the dock his man slut ass as the dock pulls on his medical glove and lubes it nicely so that it will slide right in that tight butt. Watch the dock fisting his patient while he’s also jerking off on his thick cock for your pleasure today.


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ClubInfernoDungeon – Randall O’Reilly warming up

This week we have another awesome clubinfernodungeon gallery for you to see. In this one we have the horny and sex eager hunk named Randall O’Reilly that’s going to offer entertainment for the night. Like the guys website, Randall is always feeling horny and he goes out of his way to find a secluded spot to satisfy his appetite for sex, even if he’s solo. You see, this horny stud always packs a big dildo around with him just in case that he needs it.

And for this superb club inferno dungeon video you’ll get to see him in one of his self pleasing sessions. He finds himself in this abandoned warehouse along with that feeling of just having to stick something in his tight ass. So watch him pulling out his trusty dildo to fuck himself and see him masturbating for your viewing pleasure today guys. As always we’ll be back next week with more so enjoy the scene. Bye bye!


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Club Inferno Dungeon – Jimmy Durano Jeremy Stevens

Another fresh week and time for another random club inferno dungeon gallery  pair up. This time we have Jimmy Durano and Jeremy Stevens here. This pair of horny studs are the ones putting on the forced anal banging show  for your enjoyment today. Well one thing was for sure, we had them separately before and they seemed to do an incredible job at having hard core gay sex in every one of our past clubinfernodungeon updates. So this pair up was only natural for us since the guys that do well by themselves also tend to do great with other awesome guys. We just gave these two horny guys a room and we left them to do their own thing as they’d see fit.

Well one thing’s for sure, they didn’t dash our expectations and you’ll get to see just what we’re talking about in this one particular  gay sex gallery update. The guys didn’t take long to get all naked and start having their fun and as you know, just like the rest of the guys here they like to employ the help of some sex toys to get their sexual fun done. Jimmy pulls out a big rubber dildo and just starts fucking Jeremy hard style with it for the latter’s sheer pleasure as he moans. Enjoy the update everyone and be sure to keep on the lookout for our next updates. We’ll have some extremely nice scenes to bring you. Bye bye guys!


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Derek Parker tops Preston Johnson

This fine day we have one sweet club inferno dungeon videos  update for you guys. We bring you the two hottest and horniest guys we have in our collection. The studs are named Derek Parker and Preston Johnson, and you’ll be left in awe when you’ll see the guys go to town in their gay sex session today. We wanted to pair them up and see how they’d do together since both of them seem to have that air of the alpha male. Suffice to say they didn’t take long to decide on hierarchy and they started off their hard fuck session.

Preston seems to be the one getting on the receiving end for this clubinfernodungeon gallery and his new buddy Derek that loves to play doctor has no objections. So he plants Preston on the examination chair as he plans on examining him really well with his eager hands. Eventually he spreads open the guy’s legs to get was of access to that ass and puts his big cock balls deep in that tight ass. Watch them fuck in this hot scene for your entertainment today guys and enjoy. We’ll be back next week with more. Until next time check out blog and have fun watching some similar videos!


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Club Inferno Dungeon – Hardcore insertions

Hard style anal insertions is the name of the game in this club inferno dungeon gallery update. We bring you another duo of horny hunks fucking and enjoying the sex. For this one the pair of guys also employ the help of some big toys along with that classic inflatable dildo that certainly comes in handy when a naughty ass needs a good stretching. So let’s not waste time and see what the guys are all about!

The two studs featured in this clubinfernodungeon update like their sex and pleasing hard style as you might imagine so they always go all out in their sexual meet ups. The bald guy plants his friend doggie style as he pulls out the special dildo as he places it deep in his ass while pumping air in it to make it bigger and bigger. Just like the guys from chaosmen videos, he adores gettin his ass stretched by big tools! All to the sheer pleasure of the guy on the receiving end. Enjoy everyone and come back next week.


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ClubInfernoDungeon – At the doctor

One more fresh week and time for another clubinfernodungeon update. This time we have another burly and muscled guy playing the doctor as he gets to have fun with his patient’s asses every time he gets to have in a sexy stud. Today the good dock lucked out as he got to have his way with a horny stud that just had to sample some of the special treatment that the dock has in store. We can bet that you’ll love this particular scene as both dudes are very into the whole club inferno dungeon session and give it their best for your viewing pleasure today. Watch as the dock invites his patient in and simply falls in love with the guy’s tight ass.

The guy playing the patient takes his spot on the table and the doc starts off his examination. The dock then takes his cock for a good sucking making the guy moan and desire more and more. Not to worry the good old doc has more things in his arsenal all aimed for these kinds of situations. So the dude pulls out this big and massive dildo that was to go in the patient’s ass today. The dock does one amazing job anal fucking the guy with that big toy in this club inferno dungeon gay porn gallery. Watch as the doc also masturbates while doing his job delivering the hard style anal penetration. Enjoy the scene guys and see you next week! Until then, visit the site and watch some similar hardcore gay sex videos and pics!


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Club Inferno Dungeon – Brandon Jones and Landon Conrad

Hey there again guys, club inferno dungeon here once again with more awesome content for you. For this incredible hard style gay porn scene we have a pair of studs doing their thing in the privacy of a garage. The dudes are very horny and the only way that those eager bodies get to be pleased is by engaging in some hard style anal fucking. Luckily they don’t have just their big cocks ready to please one another. They also pack quite the collection of sex toys that they always make sure to use in every hardcore gay session that they have.

As the scene starts the guys want to make a demo for this fucking today. So one of them has to be the only one to enjoy the anal treatment while the other maneuvers the sex toys. The eager dude takes his spot on the thing there and lifts up his legs so that his friend has ease of access to his tight ass. The first thing he puts in his ass is one of their favorite toys, a dildo with a pump that can be inflated to make it even bigger. Watch him get his ass fucked by all sorts of toys today and enjoy guys. See you soon! Until then, you can visit the hot older male site and see other hot gay guys fucking one another!


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